Sunday, 25 March 1979

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I live a basic Straight Edge lifestyle. And no, you can not convince me to change that. And if you try you're likely to just convince me to punch you in the face.

I love palindromes and symmetry. And trying to divide letters in a phrase into groups without remainders.

I believe that you have to be able to mock the things that you love.

A huge pet peeve of mine is when people automatically associate the swastika with the Nazi party. I want a counter-clockwise swastika tattoo.

As for music: Motown and The Beatles are my childhood, with a little country thrown in. BSB > NSYNC. I will listen to basically anything as long as it doesn't induce second hand embarrassment (or I pretend that embarrassment doesn't exist by pretending I don't understand anything except English). My favourite band is NELL. My top five people in music are (in no particular order): Kim Jong Wan, Sakurai Atsushi, Furukawa Tomo, JJ Lin, and Annika Norlin.

If Jello Biafra were to run for president, I would vote for him.

My grammar may not be perfect, but I try. You should too.

I refuse to use the phrase 'lol'. I don't care if other people do, but I will not.

Serious business is boring.

My spelling is a mix of English and American. I will admit that I believe this started when I was younger and tried being pretentious, and it just stuck. I grew up in the Great Lakes region, and my dialect reflects that.

I love many random things, like: solid bouncy songs, vibratos, piercings on guys, song love, a healthy dose of cynicism, and puppies. Especially puppies.


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